Bears 7-Round Mock Draft: Ryan Poles finds shocking value early on

Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles / Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports
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With the 2024 NFL Draft quickly approaching, there is no more mystery. The Chicago Bears were the talk of the offseason for a little while, and they still are for the most part.

But, for a little while, it had to do with Justin Fields and the no. 1 pick. What would Chicago do? Which direction would they lean?

Alas, Fields is no longer in Chicago, and the Bears know exactly what they're going to do.

In our latest mock draft, the Bears obviously go with Caleb Williams at no. 1. But, then what? Where does Ryan Poles turn? Does he recoup some picks, somehow? Let's find out.

This 2024 NFL mock draft starts exactly how the Chicago Bears plan to begin

QB. 1. . Caleb Williams. . player. 519. Caleb Williams. Caleb Williams.

The Bears have finally found their generational, franchise quarterback. After over 100 years of guessing incorrectly, the Bears find as close to a sure thing as they will ever get. Caleb Williams is already a Bear, even though he hasn't heard his name called. It's a foregone conclusion.

Williams has had his fair share of questions and criticisms, but at this stage, most believe he is truly as good a teammate as his guys say he is. And, his tape doesn't lie. The guy can make magic happen. He's a magician and a surgeon, all in one.

Williams might be a rookie, but he's going to have the Bears in games -- and winning them. The guy oozes confidence, and for good reason. His swagger is evident, and he's built for Chicago media. In fact, the Chicago media might not know how to handle him. He's ready.

Williams is ready for Chicago, and he's ready to bring the Bears back to relevance. Now, on to the real draft.