Bears 7-Round Mock Draft: Ryan Poles finds shocking value early on

Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles / Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports
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. 3. player. Blake Fisher. . Blake Fisher. . 443. OT. Blake Fisher

In Round 3, the Bears go the old-fashioned, best player available type of route. Fortunately, it gives them some added depth and another option at offensive tackle. Darnell Wright is a staple, no question. Braxton Jones could be the answer, but the Bears may also opt to try and upgrade that right tackle spoot.

Notre Dame's Blake Fisher would be the perfect type of shot to take if Jones ends up not being the long-term solution. He's an athletic guy for his size, standing 6-foot-6, 310 pounds but being able to move laterally with the best of them. Fisher has the potential to be a starter in the NFL and might surprise some fans this summer in camp.

. player. 834. . Leonard Taylor III. Leonard Taylor III. 4. DL. . Leonard Taylor III

Round 4 sees the Bears add some beef on the defensive line, going with University of Miami defensive tackle Leonard Taylor III. At 6-foot-3, 303 pounds, Taylor has good size for his position and excels in a 3-technique, especially. He uses his strength well when the focus is there. However, refining the fundamentals is one of the key areas you see scouts and experts talk about with his game.

He has the talent to be a good player in this league, but he just needs to be a bit more technical and precise with his movements.