Adam Schefter drops major hint about Justin Fields' future

Justin or Caleb? We might have our answer.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports

As the days go by, we get closer and closer to a decision regarding the Chicago Bears and their quarterback conundrum.

Will the Bears trade Justin Fields ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft, therefore getting set to use the no. 1 overall pick on USC quarterback Caleb Williams?

Or, will Chicago trade the no. 1 pick for the second year in a row, keep Fields, and build around him for one more season?

There are strong opinions on both sides of the conversation, but we might just have an answer if ESPN's Adam Schefter is to be believed.

Justin Fields appears to be on his way out of Chicago.

"Are the Bears going to be willing to move on from taking Caleb Williams, which I believe seems to be the widespread consensus across the league ... that Caleb Williams will be the number one pick?" Schefter said on Monday's edition of The Pat McAfee Show.

Now, Schefter has been wrong before, as have a lot of reporters. But, we are talking about one of the most reputable and plugged-in NFL sources this league has seen over the past two decades or so. More often than not, Schefter knows what he's talking about.

And, this isn't even an opinion on Schefter's part. This is him saying that the consensus, around the entire league, seems to be that the Bears will take Williams first overall.

That can only mean one thing: Fields is going to be traded.

So, the question becomes, where will Fields be playing in 2024 and just what exactly could the Bears get in return for the fourth-year quarterback?

If you trust another fellow ESPN employee, Jeremy Fowler, the Bears will likely be able to net a second or third-round pick in a Fields trade.

Funny enough, yet another ESPN source, Mel Kiper Jr., thinks the Bears could pull off a deal for the Atlanta Falcons' no. 8 pick in this year's draft. That would be the biggest possible victory for Ryan Poles, all things considered. If the Bears can come away with three picks in the top nine, including first overall, this team is going to be set for the future.

The hilarious part about all of this, too, is the fact that we're still over a month away from the start of the new league year and over two months away from the 2024 NFL Draft.

Things can change quickly in this league, so stay tuned.

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