Chicago Bears Advanced Stats Review: Jaquan Brisker

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The Chicago Bears know that Jaquan Brisker had a solid season. With rookie expectations it was a great campaign, but how did he look compared to the rest of the NFL? With the help of PFF, we will look at some advanced stats to see where Brisker ranks.

Chicago Bears Advanced Stats Review: Jaquan Brisker

Jaquan Brisker played 954 snaps as a rookie. Of those, he played 521 snaps in the box, with 150 of those right on the line of scrimmage. He played 289 snaps as a deep safety, and 100 snaps in the slot. He also had 43 snaps at cornerback.

With that in mind, we will only look at safeties who had 500 total snaps and 250 snaps in the box. It is just a different game when a player is deep every snap, compared to in the box. We also had 42 safeties qualify, so it is a fine sample.

Run Stop Per Snap

Of the 42 qualified safeties Jaquan Brisker ranked 18th in run stops per snap. At 6.3%, he is strong in this area, but names he could be chasing will be Derwin James at 7.8%, and Budda Baker at 8.4%. Amongst rookies, he was the best in this area. Kyle Hamilton was better, but he had almost all of his snaps come from the slot.

Yards Per Target

Jaquan Brisker allowed 6.7 yards per target, which ranked 14th out of 42 safeties. Derwin James led the NFL at 4.9, but Budda Baker was at 9.1. Other notable names that Brisker is looking to catch include Tyran Mathieu at 5.1, Jordan Poyer at 6.3m, and Justin Reid at 6.4.

Yards After the Catch Per Catch

One area the Chicago Bears may be looking for improvement from Jaquan Brisker would be yards after the catch. He is 36th in YAC/C. It is fair that Budda Baker is also bad in this area, like 42nd out 42 bad. Still, Derwin James ranks 6th in this area. He is top ten in everything we have noted so far, and that is a standard to shoot for.

Missed Tackle Rate

With a 14.7% missed tackle rate Jaquan Brisker ranked 33rd out of the 42 qualified safeties. Needless to say, this can be a strong cause for his yards after the catch being higher than expected. This will be the key area of his game to keep an eye on.

Pressure Rate

Jaquan Brisker ranked 13th amongst this group in pressure rate as well. Budda Baker was the top in this area, and once again Derwin James was in the top ten.

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Jaquan Brisker is definitely one of the top 20 box safeties in the NFL. The question is how much higher does he get than that? If he can cut down on the missed tackles, even this season was closer to the top 15. However, from there, he will need to take some steps across the board to get into the elite discussion with the names such as Budda Baker and Derwin James.