5 Chicago Bears auditioning for new teams over the final seven games of 2023

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The Chicago Bears are onto the back half of the 2023 season, and despite their record, the team has reason to believe they will finish stronger than they have started. Beyond some younger players growing in their roles and the team getting healthier, there are a few free agents who will be auditioning for a new team after the season is over. Which players may show up with the money on the line?

5. The Chicago Bears and Darnell Mooney want to see him finish strong

Darnell Mooney is a free agent at the end of this season, and the odds of him returning get lower by the week. They were already microscopic when the team drafted Tyler Scott, essentially a future replacement for him. 

Still, Mooney has recovered from a serious ankle injury, and has taken him a while to get up to speed. Still, he has been playing better football as of late, and there is a reason to believe he will finish strong, other than the contract.

Mooney has been averaging 1.04 yards per route run since week six. In the first five weeks, it was at 0.77. He had his best game in week nine. 

What will help him is seeing Justin Fields back as well. Mooney was not healthy when Fields was, and they could not connect on a few big plays. Then, as Mooney got his speed back, the team had to shift to Tyson Bagent, which meant more close-range passing. Do not be surprised if Mooney and Fields connect down the field a few times, and Mooney finished the year strong.