5 Chicago Bears auditioning for new teams over the final seven games of 2023

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3. Can Justin Jones showcase for other teams in the Chicago Bears' last few games?

The Chicago Bears have an interesting decision to make with Justin Jones. He is a free agent this year, and considering the team drafted Gervon Dexter and Zacch Pickens, they have to be thinking about moving on from him. With Andrew Billings already extended, the Bears really just have one spot to upgrade the room in the longer term, and that is Justin Jones. 

However, the Bears clearly favor Jones over Dexter and Pickens. Considering the team is 3-7, and development should be key, it is notable that neither has been close to unseating Jones. This shows that the Bears do not see it is as close at all; if it was, they would start to lean towards the youth.

So, the Bears want their future to be Dexter and Pickens, but do they trust it? Can Justin Jones flash enough to get the attention of other teams, or will he finally start to lose playing time to the younger names? Jones has been fine this year, but his presence is not going to be missed if Dexter gets one more drive per game subbing for Jones. It will be an interesting scenario to watch.