5 Chicago Bears auditioning for new teams over the final seven games of 2023

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Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears, D'onta Foreman
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1. Will the Chicago Bears ride D’onta Foreman until his wheels fall off?

The Chicago Bears will be an interesting spot in the next seven weeks. D’onta Foreman has handled the workload since Khalil Herbert was placed on the IR in week five. Herbert practiced before the Carolina Panthers game with the extended time off; he will certainly play this Sunday. So, what do the Bears do?

Herbert has been as good as Foreman, but Foreman gives that power punch they need. Should the team continue to ride Foreman? He would like that considering he is a free agent this year. 

Foreman had 914 yards and has 367 this year. If he kept up his current pace over the final seven games, he could push for 800 yards. That is a strong two-year run, and it may open the chance for him to earn a decent deal on the marker this time around. 

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The Chicago Bears would be wise to feed him and let someone else deal with the long-term issues. They have Herbert and Johnson signed for next year, so while those two can mix in this season, they can also be preserved a bit for the longer term.