3 players Chicago Bears must avoid in top 10 of 2023 NFL draft

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CHICAGO BEars, Lukas Van Ness
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1. Is Lukas Van Ness to boom or bust for the Chicago Bears?

If the Chicago Bears traded back, the option of Lukas Van Ness would feel so much better. As we stand right now, there are just too many real questions behind his profile. Beyond the fact that he did not start when he was on the field, he was too inconsistent.

His flashes were amazing and show why he is in this spot. However, his downside is a player who goes long stretches without being recognized. He has plenty of his game to be ironed out, and right now he is a bet on projection.

Beyond that, where he will play is a projection. Some see him out on the edge, some see him sliding inside. Does he play too upright on the edge, and he is too lean to consistently be inside? In the right role, he could be used well, but in a top-ten pick you do not want to clarify that you will have to scheme around him to get the best out of him. You want someone who will be a legitimate stud at a position you know.

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Paris Johnson has to iron out some pieces of his game, but we know he is the left tackle, and they can work on specific things. He is a projection, but it is a clean projection. For Van Ness, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the projection is all over the place and much more theorhetical based on what you think he can do, not what he has done.