Top 3 ways Chicago Bears can beat the Green Bay Packers in Week 1

The Chicago Bears need to protect the quarterback, run the ball, and slow down the Packers

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Jordan Love, Chicago Bears
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1. Will the Chicago Bears able to confuse Jordan Love?

The key to the game will be Jordan Love, and his performance is an even bigger unknown than Justin Fields, who has many wondering how he will perform. Love at Utah State and Love now have to be viewed as different players. Still, we have no idea how that time on the bench helped him.

One way to get after him would be to throw some looks at him he has not seen before. For Matt Eberflus, that may be an interesting test. He wants his team to play fast, and thus he does not have a complicated system.

They rush four on most downs, and the big curveballs they throw come from stunts. Can they get Love on a few here? With Alan Williams calling plays, they have shifted their safeties a bit more than Eberflus did with the Indianapolis Colts. Still, he often likes to sit in the zone and keep things in front.

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Does he get more aggressive and look to confuse Love? Do the Chicago Bears try for turnovers more this week because of Love, or do they stay conservative? This will determine the outcome of the game.