Chicago Bears' beat writer makes bold claim about Justin Fields' future

John Fisher/GettyImages

The Justin Fields talk will not die yet in Chicago. Perhaps when Caleb Williams plays we will see Chicago Bears fans turn their attention away from Fields, but the former first-round pick that so many believed in will still have some traction for the time being. 

Chicago Bears fans are not quick to forget about Justin Fields.

In an effort to find closure on Fields' time with the Bears, Chicago Sun-Times Bears beat reporter Jason Lieser was present during the quarterbacks' practices with the Pittsburgh Steelers last week.

""I think the Steelers, even though it is only a one-year deal for Justin Fields right now, I believe they have a better plan in place for him than the Bears had for him." "

Jason Lieser, Chicago Sun-Times

That is a quote that may need some time to sink in. First off, it could be true. The Steelers are a well-run organization, and even the biggest Justin Fields hater can admit that he had two coaches, one a defensive coach, and the first year of that coach, he was set up to fail with the skilled players around him. So, Fields had his rookie year with a lame-duck coach and year three with all of the pressure on him and a banged-up offensive line. The Steelers do not have that. 

Still, Lieser went to one OTA practice and was able to speak confidently that the Steelers have a better plan for Justin Fields than the Bears. That seems so farfetched that you have to wonder if he is just looking for a headline. 

The Steelers are doing light workouts, going through a few plays, and mostly they are walking through things to get ready for training camp. There is hardly anything to see here. 

Just last year the talk was about how much growth Fields was showing in OTAs. These are designed for every quarterback to look good, which is why it is notable when the quarterback looks bad in these sessions. 

There is talk about FIeds’ mechanics, footwork, and processing, but all of that is one practice on air in May. The Steelers could have a plan in place for Fields, but it could easily go wrong, and it cannot be deemed better so quickly.