10 best Chicago Bears backup quarterbacks of all-time

Chicago Bears, Josh McCown
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8. Shane Matthews

Shane Matthews had a weird career. In 1993, he went undrafted out of Florida. The Bears signed him, and he stayed on as a backup and third string passer all the way through 1996. It wasn't until that '96 season, though, that Matthews finally saw regular season action.

After two years with the Panthers, Matthews came back to the Bears for another three seasons. From 1999-2001, Matthews ended up starting 15 games, going 8-7 and throwing for over 3,200 yards, 18 touchdowns and 18 interceptions. Folks might remember Matthews as one of the primary backups during Jim Miller's time with the Bears.

7. Kyle Orton

The infamous neck beard, Kyle Orton, was drafted by Chicago back in 2005 when they took him out of Purdue in the fourth round. That year was supposed to be a big year for Rex Grossman, but after a preseason injury to Grossman, Orton was thrown into the fire as a rookie. He fared pretty well behind a great defense, going 10-5, throwing for 1,869 yards, nine touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

The known "game manager" was never anything special, but remained in Chicago through 2008, when he actually became the starter that year, going 9-6. The following offseason, though, the Bears parted ways with Orton in the giant trade to acquire Jay Cutler, sending Orton to the Denver Broncos.