10 best Chicago Bears backup quarterbacks of all-time

Chicago Bears, Josh McCown
Chicago Bears, Josh McCown / Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Chase Daniel

The man, the myth, the legend: Chase Daniel. He will go down in NFL history as the man who made millions upon millions of dollars over a 13-year career and as one of the best backup quarterbacks in league history. What makes him one of the best backups in league history?

Well, to be quite frank, most have to simply trust his reputation. To this day, he has only started a total of five games during the regular season, and three of them came in Chicago.

What can be said about Daniel, though, is the fact that he was a great teammate, leader and someone you wanted on your football team.

3. Josh McCown

From 2011-2013, Josh McCown was a backup quarterback in Chicago. At one point, he was backing up both Caleb Hanie and Jay Cutler, before ultimately having to start five games in 2013. That 5-game stretch, though, was quite impressive and had some Bears fans clamoring for McCown to be more than a backup.

McCown would go 3-2 as a starter, throwing for 1,829 yards, 13 touchdowns and just one interception. That stretch included a game against the Dallas Cowboys which saw McCown throw for 348 yards, four touchdowns, while rushing for another score. McCown became the first Bears quarterback since 1970 to account for five touchdowns.