A look at the Chicago Bears best draft picks over the last 10 years

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The NFL Draft has become one of the biggest events in all of sports. Millions of fans tune in each year to see who will be dawning their favorite team’s uniform in the upcoming season. The 2023 NFL Draft in particular feels like an exciting draft for the Chicago Bears.

As exciting as the draft process can be, it has serious implications for each franchise and the league as a whole. Getting the right pick can completely change the fortunes of an organization while selecting the wrong guy can haunt a front office for years. (Insert the Mitchell Trubisky jokes)

Looking back at the Chicago Bears best draft picks in the last 10 drafts

This year the Bears will need a strong draft class to expedite their rebuild process. Hitting on their top selections will be crucial in determining the immediate future of the organization. 

With the 2023 NFL Draft less than ten days away, it’s time to revisit the Chicago Bears’ best selections over the past ten years. While the franchise has undoubtedly had its share of misses over the years, it also made several solid selections.

This list is not only taking into account the quality of the player selected but also where in the draft they were taken. For example, a player taken in the fourth round would be deemed a better pick than one with identical production taken in the first since finding a player of that caliber three rounds later would be considered far more impressive. 

Without further ado, here is the best Chicago Bears draft pick for the last ten drafts.