The 8-best options for the Chicago Bears should they draft someone at ninth overall

Chicago Bears, Tyree Wilson
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We are about one month away from the 2023 NFL Draft and this is the time for plenty of speculation. What I want to do is look at all possibilities for Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears to get a better idea of would could or won't happen. This is what makes this part of the offseason fun.

I am not going to include players that I don't believe fall to nine. For example, Jalen Carter is not on this list. I personally don't believe he will fall to ninth overall. If he does, of course, Ryan Poles has to consider taking him. However, that will all come down to information we will not be privy to unless someone leaks it.

The other name that won't be included on this list is Will Anderson. Anderson falling to nine is also highly unlikely. In fact, I'd say the percentage of that happening would be less than one percent.

There are other names that I am very high on that also will not be on this list. The only reason being is that I believe that although I think they have the upside to eventually be worthy of the ninth-overall pick, they don't grade out high enough for me from a floor standpoint. Sure, the risk could be worth it, but these eight are guys I don't think have any chance of becoming true busts. Names not on this list who I'd love to see selected if the Bears were to trade down again from nine include Calijah Cancey, Jordan Addison, Lukas Van Ness, Bryan Bresee, Bijan Robinson O'Cyrus Torrence, and Darnell Wright.

Chicago Bears fans should be happy with one of these draft prospects

Ideally, I think the Chicago Bears and Ryan Poles should try to trade down. As noted, there are some solid draft prospects who should be available in the mid-teens. Should one of the quarterbacks fall to nine, Poles might be able to make a trade with Tennesee at 11, Houston at 12, Washington at 16, or Tampa Bay at 19. If Poles can move back and still land one of those other names while adding more draft capital, that would be a win in my book.