The 8-best options for the Chicago Bears should they draft someone at ninth overall

Chicago Bears, Tyree Wilson
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Chicago Bears, Myles Murphy
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Chicago Bears Draft Target: Myles Murphy, DE - Clemson

If Tyree Wilson is my high-upside guy at defensive end, then Myles Murphy is my high-floor guy. Do not let that confuse you though with the idea that Murphy does not also come with upside. During his time at Clemson (three seasons), Myles Murphy accumulated 20 sacks and 66 quarterback hurries. He projects as an elite run-defender, but to dismiss his pass-rushing skills I find it to be very confusing.

Some have said that Murphy has benefited from an NFL-caliber defensive line. Others have said he takes plays off too often. I call bologna on both counts. Murphy did not benefit from a top defensive line in any other way than say, Jalen Carter or Will Anderson. Moving him down your draft board for that reason is strictly hypocritical. The takes plays off debate is not as clear-cut, but he's had enough production at the college level to give me enough confidence he will be a problem for offensive coordinators in the NFL.

If you want to go with the higher ceiling, then you hope for Tyree Wilson. If you want to go with the safe pick, a guy who is as close to not being a bust as they come in the top 15 picks, then Myles Murphy is that guy. Even if he cannot get to the quarterback at the next level, Murphy projects as an elite run-defender in the NFL. Personally, I will continue to say I see him as an eight to 10 sack guy per season. Sign me up! The hate has gone way too far for Murphy.