3 Best and worst moves Ryan Poles has made as Chicago Bears general manager

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Chicago Bears, Jalen Carter
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3rd Worst Move by Ryan Poles: Defensive line disaster

Ryan Poles has yet to catch a big fish on the defensive line and obtain someone that can anchor one of the worst Chicago defensive lines in a very long time. Poles didn’t sign any veteran options in free agency which I was not a fan of. Nor did Poles draft any heavy hitters in the draft. 

I am a big fan of Gervon Dexter, but he has limitations as a pass rusher. That was the only move that stuck out to me that I knew was gonna be a difference-maker on the defensive line. Passing on Jalen Carter was a bold move that I don’t think I can ever get behind for the foreseeable future, and was basically the same deal as the Pickens debacle last year in a different suit. 

The defensive line is the only position group that sticks out like a sore thumb for the Bears as every other position group looks relatively solid. The defensive line was a major Achilles heel for Chicago last year, and they’re gonna need a miracle to turn it around next year. However, there is still time to get impact players in the waivers and veteran free agent market.