Bears' biggest 2024 free agent signing may not raise their ceiling at all

Fans won't like these latest rankings.
Chicago Bears, D'Andre Swift
Chicago Bears, D'Andre Swift / Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

When free agency kicked off this year, the Chicago Bears' first move was to ink former Philadelphia Eagles running back D'Andre Swift to a 3-year deal. The former Lions draft pick broke loose in Philly last year and now has a chance at revenge against his original team, twice per year.

Although Swift appeared to have upgraded the position while the Bears watched D'Onta Foreman leave in free agency, not everyone thinks as highly of this back field as fans do.

Pro Football Focus' Trevor Sikkema released his most updated running back room rankings and, needless to say, Bears fans won't like where this group is ranked: number 19.

Wrote Sikkema:

"The Bears added D’Andre Swift to a group already containing Khalil Herbert and Roschon Johnson. Swift racked up the most rushing yards of his career last year, but that was mainly due to volume instead of a major breakout. He, Herbert and Johnson form a nice trio ...

" ... The depth of this group feels more valuable than its ceiling."

D'Andre Swift is more than enough to make the Bears' back field worth more than PFF believes

With all due respect to Sikkema and PFF, we're talking about a back field that simply swapped Foreman for Swift. This is the same team that finished no. 1 overall in rushing in 2022 and no. 2 in 2023.

It's a team that did that with an average offensive line, at best, and obviously Justin Fields was a big part of that success. But, if Sikkema thinks so highly of Herbert, how does he not feel the same about Swift?

Comparing Swift to the departed Foreman ... it's not even close. The Bears added 0.7 more yards per carry in Swift versus Foreman. They added more quickness, elusiveness and a more capable pass-catcher in Swift versus Foreman. Swift's impact is going to be felt.

The fact that this team is going to remain committed to running the ball, now has three running backs capable of catching the football and all three of them averaged 4.3 yards per carry or more in 2023 ... how could they not be ranked higher than no. 19?

Herbert puts up a whopping 4.9 yards per carry over his career. Swift sits at 4.6. Johnson finished with 4.3 yards per carry as a rookie while adding 34 receptions.

This is as well-rounded a group as there is in the league, and Chicago is going to prove as much in 2024.