3 Chicago Bears ready to breakout with their best game against Detroit Lions

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1. Things are aligning for Justin Fields to excel down the stretch for the Chicago Bears

There is a good chance that the final seven games of the season are the best that we see from Justin Fields. It is not just the desperation of him playing for a starting job next year. The offensive line is healthier than he has had in his career. 

With his mobility, the running backs fully healthy, and an insertion of run blockers like Darnell Wright, Teven Jenkins, Nate Davis, and Braxton Jones, the Bears should be able to control games on the ground. When we last saw Fields, he had Wright for the entirety of his run, but he had Jenkins for one game, Jones for two, and hardly anything came from Davis with Justin Fields. When Davis, Jenkins, and Fields did play together, they scored 40 points against Washington. 

More than that, when we last saw Fields, he was throwing the ball well to D.J. Moore and Cole Kmet. Since then, Darnell Mooney has gotten healthier, and Tyler Scott has been more involved in the offense.

The nucleus around Fields is better than anything we have seen for him. Now, the question is whether or not he can execute.

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The Lions have a good defense, but the last time they faced a mobile threat like Fields was Lamar Jackson, and they gave up 38 points. They have a physical defense, but they are a touch slow. Things are setting up for the best game we have seen from Justin Fields and a strong finish overall.