The Chicago Bears cannot pass on this player with the ninth pick

Regardless of whether the Chicago Bears keep Justin Fields or draft a new Quarterback, there's one player in the draft that Ryan Poles should instantly select if he's still available when the Bears go back on the clock in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Georgia's Brock Bowers might be a Tight End on the depth chart, but he is far more than that.
Georgia's Brock Bowers might be a Tight End on the depth chart, but he is far more than that. / James Gilbert/GettyImages
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Let's outright dismiss the notion that Bowers shouldn't get drafted because of Kmet's presence. From a salary perspective, Kmet resigned a team-friendly deal last year and figures to be an affordable and important part of the offense for the next 3-4 years at least, almost exactly how long Bowers' rookie deal would be.

From a personnel perspective, Brock Bowers is a perfect complement to Cole Kmet. The Notre Dame alum and current Bears TE1 plays as a traditional Y tight end who is normally given more blocking duties. Bowers is able to block sufficiently, but Cole's strength in that area would allow the Chicago Bears to accentuate Bowers' ready-to-pop talent right now while adequately hiding him in the blocking game until he improves there.

I know it's not the "trend" in 2024 to build an offense with two of the top three (or four, even) major pass-catching options being listed at Tight End on the depth chart, but frankly, the NFL plays 'Follow The Leader' with decisions too much as it is. There is no "perfect" blueprint for winning.

What works best is drafting highly talented players who you develop to the utmost while creating an addictive winning culture to attract key free agents and re-signings so that the Bears score more points and allow less.