Chaos continues with the Chicago Bears, this time off the field

Chaos has been hitting the Chicago Bears over the first two weeks. Now, the team is seeing chaos and confusion even off the field.

Chicago Bears, Alan Williams
Chicago Bears, Alan Williams / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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What a day to be a Chicago Bears fan. If you love chaos, then you must be salivating at all of the reports coming out of Halas Hall today. When I said this felt like the Trestman era, I didn't expect these reports and rumors. Let's start out with what we know for sure.

Did Justin Fields throw the Chicago Bears coaches under the bus?

First, we heard Justin Fields address the media. He came out and some are saying that he threw his coaches under the bus. First, I don't think that's entirely accurate, but second, who cares if it was? Everything he said seemed accurate and something I have been saying since watching him play vs. the Packers in Week 1. Here was some of what he said today in his press conference:

"My goal this week is to say, 'eff it' and go out there and play football like I know how to play football. That includes thinking less and just going out there and playing off of instincts, rather than say so much info in my head and data in my head, and clearly just going out there and playing football. That's when I play my best is when I'm out there playing free and being myself. So I'm going to say kind of bump all the what I should, this and that, pocket stuff. I'm going to go out there and be me."

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears QB

Justin Fields has been playing robotic and I agree with Tim Jenkins who says it seems like his footwork is to blame. If you go back to his rookie season before he started playing in Luke Getsy's system, you can see a quicker and more concise dropback. Now, you see a guy thinking way too much. I think he should go back to his original drop-back foot but I don't think that happens this year, unfortunately.