Chaos continues with the Chicago Bears, this time off the field

Chaos has been hitting the Chicago Bears over the first two weeks. Now, the team is seeing chaos and confusion even off the field.

Chicago Bears, Alan Williams
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Chicago Bears, Braxton Jones
Chicago Bears, Braxton Jones / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Bad news for the Chicago Bears continues

The next thing we are certain about is Braxton Jones is going on injured reserve. Matt Eberflus announced during his press conference that Jones will be going on injured reserve for at least four weeks. At that time, they will determine if he can return or if his season is over. Reports are that he sustained a neck injury. This is disappointing since Jones has been playing fairly well despite his mental mistakes with penalties.

Reports from Matt Eberflus are that the team is conisdering moving Darnell Wright to left tackle or Larry Borom will take over the position. As much as I don't like Borom as a starting option, I don't like the idea of moving Wright to left tackle. I want him to anchor that right side for 10-plus years and swapping him now could end up stunting that development and growth. I've always viewed him as only a right tackle and most scouting reports agreed with that sentiment.

The Chicago Bears continued with their hectic day filled with confusion and chaos by releasing backup quarterback Nathan Peterman. There are many reasons why this could be happening and honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if he's brought back and placed on the practice squad. For now, though, it could mean that Tyson Bagent continues to impress in practice (we know how much Eberflus loves practice) and they might be making room for another offensive tackle on the roster to replace Braxton Jones while he deals with his neck injury.