Chaos continues with the Chicago Bears, this time off the field

Chaos has been hitting the Chicago Bears over the first two weeks. Now, the team is seeing chaos and confusion even off the field.

Chicago Bears, Alan Williams
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Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus, Ryan Poles
Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears day is filled with confusion and chaos

Now for what we don't know. We know that Alan Williams has resigned as the defensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears. Williams wasn't at practice last week and did not coach during the Bears' game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Rumors had been swirling as to why since the Chicago Bears appear to have mishandled the situation in worse ways than they did in the Nate Davis situation. I'm all for not disclosing personal reasons, but there were better ways of going about it.

All Hell broke loose this afternoon though when Jon Zaghloul of Sports Talk Chicago tweeted this out:

Shortly afterwards, reports came out that Alan Williams resigned. Now, these reports involving the FBI are being refuted and Williams appears to have hired legal counsel. The Chicago Bears have stayed relatively quiet about the situation, but all reports we do know (not rumors at this point) state that Williams is stepping away for health and family reasons. Brad Biggs seems to think otherwise though.


No matter what the reason is, right now is not the time to be throwing out false allegations. We will need to sit back and wait for the facts. The problem is that the Chicago Bears are known for keeping things very close to the vest. Now, the big questions are if this is something more than health, and did the Chicago Bears know about it? Also, who continues to call the defensive plays on game day?