Do recent reports prove this was Ryan Poles' worst move as the Chicago Bears GM?

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Chicago Bears, Chase Claypool
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Rumors are that the Chicago Bears are not happy with Chase Claypool

According to Waddle and SIlvy of ESPN Chicago, rumors are that many within the Chicago Bears organization are not happy with where Chase Claypool is at currently. Reports are that although he has time to get healthy and fully learn the playbook before training camp, many believe he is not self-motivated.

"There's a long way to go. Chase Claypool can change the narrative. Waddle always likes to say, 'if you want to change the narrative, change the narrative.' So Chase Claypool can do so. All I can tell you is that it isn't trending in a way that the Bears have wanted it to trend in this offseason. Chase Claypool is a guy that they've wanted to see some things from, but they have not been able to see those things from him on and off the field."

Marc Silverman, ESPN Chicago

Here's the thing. Even negativity can be an issue at this time of year. We heard the things about Teven Jenkins last year and he turned out to be one of the best linemen the Chicago Bears had on the roster. I'm not ready to panic just yet about Chase Claypool. However, for everyone who has been talking about how awful the trade was last season, they may have a point. This might be the worst move that Ryan Poles has made since becoming the general manager of the Chicago Bears.