Do recent reports prove this was Ryan Poles' worst move as the Chicago Bears GM?

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How bad was the Chicago Bears trade for Chase Claypool?

Ryan Poles sent a second-round pick to the Steelers for Chase Claypool -- a player who already was rumored to have work-ethic issues. That second-round pick ended up being essentially a first-round pick minus the fifth-year option. With Miami losing their first-round pick in 2023 and the Chicago Bears holding the first-overall pick in the draft, the second-round pick Poles traded for Claypool was the 32nd pick. Technically, that would have been the last pick in the first round

This brings us to the question, is Chase Claypool indeed the worst move that Ryan Poles has made as the general manager of the Chicago Bears? The injuries appear to be minor. Are they even legit? He struggled to grasp the playbook last season and it took him time to even see a larger role on the offense. He was clearly an upgrade in talent, but the mental mistakes and lack of effort were seen too often. Now, with the recent reports and rumors about Claypool from Waddle and Silvy, it makes the trade difficult to defend.

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I was always of the mindset that trading for Claypool was not a bad decision. I liked him coming out of Notre Dame and he had an excellent rookie season. Things were never the same for him from a production standpoint in Pittsburgh, but I always thought the talent was there. I also wanted to defend that the trade last year couldn't be properly graded until we saw him in action in 2023. Although the 2023 NFL season isn not yet upon us, it appears that Chase Claypool is trending in the wrong direction.