Another sign points to the coaching staff losing the Chicago Bears locker room

Chicago Bears, Chase Claypool
Chicago Bears, Chase Claypool / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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We are only three weeks into the 2023 NFL season and things are spiraling for the Chicago Bears. The team is on a 13-game losing streak. If you listen to Matt Eberflus and the coaching staff, everyone is on the same page and things are good within the locker room. We are now hearing how the team is close. They are just missing out on a few details. Do any Chicago Bears fans believe these things? I highly doubt it.

The Chicago Bears locker room seems like it is slipping further away

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a disconnect between the players' messages and the coaches' messages. Things started with the comment made by Justin Fields leading up to the Chiefs game. He spoke to the fact that he felt coaching is the reason why he is unable to play as freely as he wants. Fields spoke again later that day clarifying his comment. He said he wasn't blaming the coaches, but said that he was just thinking too much. I honestly believe that's what he meant, but the messages coming out of Halas Hall or from mic 'd-up players have been conflicting ever since.

Before the start of the Week 2 matchup vs. the Buccaneers, DJ Moore was overheard talking to Devin White. White made the comment, "They ain't using you right" and fans seem to think that Moore responded by saying, "Tell me about it." I heard it and I'm not confident that is what he said. However, if he truly did say it, it does go along with a few other things that have come from the players lately.