Another sign points to the coaching staff losing the Chicago Bears locker room

Chicago Bears, Chase Claypool
Chicago Bears, Chase Claypool / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Chicago Bears, Chase Claypool
Chicago Bears, Chase Claypool / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

Did Chase Claypool point to more signs of discorse in Bears locker room?

The Chicago Bears can start to cure all of this by winning. However, for now, it seems as though Matt Eberflus and his staff might be on the hot seat. If they aren't on the hot seat, they should be. Ryan Poles should be worried too if Kevin Warren is doing his job correctly. I'm not ready to remove him from that position, but I am ready to move on from the coaching staff.

It appears that Chase Claypool is ready to move on also. When asked if he felt he was being put in the best position to showcase the best of what he can do. Claypool took a very long pause, followed by, "No." Here was the full exchange between Courtney Cronin and Claypool.

I think that it's time to admit that the Chicago Bears coaching staff is struggling to keep everyone on the same page. They say the locker room is great. They say that the team is close. However, it's telling how the only players who seem to be saying the same things are all young -- Justin Fields and Roschon Johnson for example. The veterans don't seem to be in agreement though. And even if you don't believe Chase Claypool is the best sign of what is happening in the locker room, fans need to realize that vets coming from winning organizations will zone these coaches out quickly.


If the team can start winning, this will all go away. If the Chicago Bears lose their next two games and go on a 15-game losing streak -- consider them toast!