5 coaches the Chicago Bears should target to fix Justin Fields

If the Bears move on from Matt Eberflus, we have some strong replacement candidates

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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2. Brian Johnson, Offensive Coordinator, Philadelphia Eagles

Brian Johnson is someone who is building a strong track record behind becoming an NFL head coaching candidate. In Philadelphia, he has gone from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator, all while helping in the development of quarterback Jalen Hurts. We have seen Hurts' ascension over the last couple of years, en route to a monstrous contract this past offseason and cementing himself in MVP discussions.

Johnson should quickly be in line for a head coaching gig soon, and NFL Network's Brian Baldinger believes he is ready.

"Brian helped develop Jalen like nobody’s business. In two years, he went from a second-round pick that everybody was questioning to the MVP runner-up.

“Brian’s a smart, young guy who’s been around some really good programs, both college and pro. He’s ready to be a head coach," said Baldinger.

A lot of people want to compare Fields and Hurts, and this type of hire would give fans the definitive answer they're looking for as to whether or not Fields can develop in a similar manner.