2 contract extensions Chicago Bears need to make and 1 to avoid

Ryan Poles has plenty of work to do in the future, but which decisions will he ultimately make?

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The Bears should avoid extending Chase Claypool

Whether it's a recent injury or the reports that he isn't exactly the hardest of workers, there are concerns when it comes to Chase Claypool. Last year, the Bears gave up what ended as the first pick in the second round of the draft in order to land him.

It was a significant overpay. I don't care what anyone says at this point. It doesn't matter that "he still has time" to ensure the Bears win the trade. All logic considered, the Claypool trade will go down as a dud for Poles, and that's fine. He'll have to take his lumps with his victories.

We already mentioned the fact that the Bears would be wise to extend Mooney, keeping he and Moore around for the foreseeable future. If they do so, there is zero chance the team extends Claypool, simply chalking that trade up as a loss.

The Bears drafted Tyler Scott in the fourth round this year, and he's another young, speedy weapon for this offense who is on a rookie deal, obviously. Staying smart and sticking to the draft, from hereon out, would be the wisest move for Poles and the Bears. They can't afford to extend Claypool, unless he goes out and posts something ridiculous like a 1,000-yard, 10 touchdown type of season.

And, that's not happening.

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