Chicago Bears' cornerback depth chart after the 2024 NFL Draft

Justin Casterline/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears finished the offseason for the most part and we are in the slow period before training camp starts. So, it is a good time to look at the roster from a 1000-foot view to see what the depth chart looks like. 

CB 1. Jaylon Johnson 

Jaylon Johnson is the obvious top dog. The question for him will be how he can maintain, or improve on what he did last season which earned him his big contract. 

CB 2. Tyrique Stevenson 

The Bears have to like what they saw from Stevenson as a rookie. He was targeted often and had some downs, but the ups were just as strong. One of his best traits is being physical and attacking the football. 

Slot Kyler Gordon 

After a poor rookie season that was asking too much from Gordo his second year was filled with promise. He will stick in the slot, and this is where his value can truly be seen. 

CB 4. Terell Smith 

Terell Smith exceeded expectations during his rookie season. Now, the question becomes how often will he actually see the field this season. 

CB 5. Josh Blackwell

Josh Blackwell and Jaylon Jones are in similar standing, but Blackwell gets a slight edge because he has slot capabilities and Jones does not. 

CB 6. Jaylon Jones

Jones should get a crack at the roster due to special teams play, but Smith, is the direct outside backup with Stevenson and Johnson as the outside starters, so he will hardly see the field. 

CB 7. Greg Stroman 

With Gordon and Blackwell banged up last season the Bears leaned on Stroman in the slot at times. That will be his role again. 

CB 8. Leon Jones

Leon Jones is a UDFA from Arkansas State who is looking to surprise fans in training camp. 

CB 9. Reddy Steward

Reddy Steward is a UDFA from Troy. His best bet is the practice squad, but both Jaylon Jones and Josh Blackwell are UDFAs which provides hope for making the roster.