New Chicago Bears cornerback is now part of a franchise, 20-year tradition

Tyrique Stevenson
Tyrique Stevenson / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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The 2023 NFL Draft is officially over, and while it will be impossible to grade the Chicago Bears' draft class for at least a few seasons, it appears that this rebuilding organization found a handful of dependable players who will start or contribute on the field shortly. Outside of first-round pick Darnell Wright, who has the chance to start at right tackle immediately in his rookie season, the Chicago Bears added several quality prospects such as Gervon Dexter, Zacch Pickens, Roschon Johnson, Tyler Scott, and Tyrique Stevenson.

Stevenson, who measures in at 6'0" and 200 lbs out of the University of Miami, was a notable draft selection on Friday for a couple of reasons. First, Stevenson was selected with the 56th overall selection in the second round, a pick that the Bears got back from the Carolina Panthers via the trade for the first overall pick (the pick originally belonged to the San Francisco 49ers, but Carolina acquired it in return for Christian McCaffrey).

But perhaps more important than how the Bears were able to add Stevenson is the place and manner in which they selected him. Historically speaking, the Chicago Bears have had great success drafting defensive backs in the second round, at least in recent history, and while it is too early to tell how Stevenson's career in Chicago will wind up, there is certainly a precedent for the Miami product to flourish in Chicago, despite being available deep into the second round.

Since the 2000 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears have selected eight defensive backs in the second round, including the newest addition in Tyrique Stevenson. Considering how the other seven players have panned out, there should be a lot of excitement surrounding the former Cane's future in Chicago.