New Chicago Bears cornerback is now part of a franchise, 20-year tradition

Tyrique Stevenson
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Devin Hester
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Chicago Bears 2006 Draft: Danieal Manning, S (42), Devin Hester, DB (57)

In 2006, the Chicago Bears again had two second-round selections after not having a first-round pick, and just as they would do 16 years later, the team added two defensive backs at the top of their draft.

An eventual five-year starter at the safety position, the Chicago Bears found a small school gem in Abilene Christian's Danieal Manning. Before eventually joining the Houston Texans in 2011, Manning accumulated seven interceptions, 26 pass breakups, and 245 total tackles in Chicago, while also contributing as a part-time kick returner.

The other returner the Bears drafted in the second round of 2006 is much more decorated, and while Miami's Devin Hester never translated as a defender for Chicago, he was drafted as a cornerback out of college, adding to the team's history of second-round defensive backs. Hester excelled in his role on special teams as the main returner, shattering numerous records during his eight-year tenure in Chicago.