Bears face difficult QB choice: Justin Fields or these 4 quarterbacks in 2024?

Will Chicago have a decision to make next offseason?

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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3. Drake Maye

The Bears could also wind up drafting a quarterback in the top few picks, and they might even have a couple of chances to do it if they finish with two selections in the top five. There are two passers that will likely see their names taken within those top five picks, the first of which is North Carolina's Drake Maye.

At 6-foot-5 and well-built, Maye has an ideal NFL build. He's got great footwork and a big arm. Maye's ability to use his feet well, moving around in the pocket, work well with his patience. He is not a one-read quarterback. Maye knows how to progress through his reads and make the right decision.

On one hand, Maye gives the Bears an opportunity to reset the quarterback clock with a rookie contract. It buys Poles more time. But, on the other hand, it's also taking a risk on a guy who may very well not pan out. It's tough these days, projecting many quarterbacks. A lot of it depends on the system they're put into, and the Bears haven't done a good job of that in the past.

We at least know what Fields is capable of, and it might be better to stick with him another year while continuing to build around him. Maye is a talented kid, but right now I'm going with Fields.

Verdict: Fields