Bears face difficult QB choice: Justin Fields or these 4 quarterbacks in 2024?

Will Chicago have a decision to make next offseason?

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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4. Caleb Williams

This is where things get difficult, because I still believe Caleb Williams is worthy of the top pick in the draft. He is the closest thing we have seen to Patrick Mahomes, yet. His ability to escape and extend plays is very similar to that of Mahomes. He can make magic happen. The kid is special.

Most of us know who Williams is as a player. He is going to have a long NFL career, and in terms of projecting college quarterbacks, he's one of the easier guys to do that with. He's going to be more than fine, and for a long time.

But, like taking Maye, the Bears would be giving up the chance to draft another position of dire need if they selected a quarterback. Just picture the Bears sticking with Fields, all while giving him Marvin Harrison Jr. and a top edge rusher like Dallas Turner or Jared Verse.

Chicago could really set them up for a huge year, with real improvement, if they went with two of the best players in this draft other than a quarterback.

Verdict: Fields