Is this Chicago Bears defender playing his best at the right time?

Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

Through the first ten weeks of the 2023 season it was looking like Jaquan Brisker was in for a major sophomore slump. To be fair, it did not seem like he could get healthy. He left four of the first seven games with multiple different issues before missing weeks eight and nine with an illness. 

The Chicago Bears are getting the best out of Jaquan Brisker

Brisker played through a lot of his issues, but he was struggling mightily on the field. Teams were attacking him in coverage, and he was missing a lot of tackles. However, it looks like he has finally gotten over all of his issues. He needed week 10 to get his health right, and he came back in week 11 at full capacity. 

He has played with full health for the past three weeks, and it has resulted in his best play. Jaquan Brisker has a 72.8 overall grade with a 74.6 grade in coverage over the last three games, per PFF. In the first ten games, those numbers were 57.9 overall and 49.3 in coverage. PFF has him with 20 stops in 468 snaps in the first ten weeks and 10 stops over 180 snaps in the three games recently. 

You can say what you want about PFF, but the play was matching the grade. He was bad earlier in the year, but things have turned around in a huge way. 

Sunday was arguably the best game of his season. He has nine stops and 17 overall tackles. Beyond that, the Lions did not use Jahmyr Gibbs to expose him, which had been done in the past with Gibbs and other running backs such as Antonio Gibson. 

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Brisker is healthy and coming off of the bye week. It is fair to expect Brisker at his best for the final four games of the Chicago Bears season.