This Chicago Bears defender stepped up his game after the Yannick Ngakoue injury 

Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears lost Yannick Ngakoue for the season due to an ankle injury. There was not much of an anticipated drop-off, especially with the Cleveland Browns highlighting two backup tackles. Still, it was good to see some added production from Rasheem Green.

The Chicago Bears are seeing more from Rasheem Green with Yannick Ngakoue injured

Green entered the game with a 6.7% pass rush win rate. That had him rated 84th out of 96 qualified rushers entering his game against the Cleveland Browns. It was not great, but with Ngakoue at 4.8%, he was already looking slightly better. 

Green was doing this on limited work, and on Sunday, he got the most snaps since week eight. Green did not convert a sack, but he did finish the game with two pressures and an 18.8% pass rush win rate. Even in games when Ngakoue had a sack, he did not have a win rate that high. It brought his pass rush win rate up to 7.8% on the season.

The Chicago Bears still had Green as depth, as DeMarcus Walker saw the biggest snap increase due to the injury. Still, this is pretty significant for the Chicago Bears. Ngakoue was giving them little and was just picking up a clean-up sack or two. Now, Green is coming off of a game where he actually won. 

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Green has some potential and has had a longer career. However, this year was approaching a season-low in snap counts, and that may not change even with more work in the final three games. Still, this is a chance for him to remind the Bears and other teams that he can still be that rotational rusher and that he can provide more games like this.