Cracking the code on the Chicago Bears defensive line for the draft

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Chicago Bear prospects who fit

I can't stress this enough; it doesn't matter who we want as players. Something I can't stand is listening to Danny Shimon talk on "Draft on Tap" from the Barrom Network. I am there for Aldo Gandia (an excellent podcast host) and Niel Stopczynski (a good draft analyst) to give me information on guys I need to dig more into. Shimon is one of those guys who says, "The Bears have to do this." Remember, everybody, we are fans and aren't running the show. What we would do and what the team would do are very different.

I get my list of players based on Chicago Bear connections and I try to guess what they will do before they do it. Moving on to players with whom the Chicago Bears have connections that meet the criteria:

Lukas Van Ness

There isn't much to say about Van Ness. He fits all of the same molds as the players acquired by Poles. He has long arms, is explosive, and is strong. 

Dylan Horton

Horton has some confusing write-ups on him. A lot talk about him and his ability to set the edge and anchor, but the man is as strong as an Ox. Horton may need some time to work as a run defender, but he meets the traits criteria.

KJ Henry

Henry is a much better fit than people might want to accept. His pro-day results were outstanding. Yes, you don't win anything playing on the field in shorts, but Henry has all the traits the Bears are looking for a prospect to have.

BJ Ojulari

As many would expect, Ojulari is an athletic gift that has more strength than many know. This class shows some real depth, and the Bears might not have to go fishing soon.