Cracking the code on the Chicago Bears defensive line for the draft

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Chicago Bears, Gervon Dexter
Chicago Bears, Gervon Dexter / Doug Engle / USA TODAY NETWORK

Chicago Bears prospect that don't match the code

The Chicago Bears are still working. Don't take this list to heart, but remember, I spent some time finding this information. The goal each year is to understand what the GM is thinking. What does he want to build? What are his tendencies? If I am right, these would be the players to look for and ones to stir clear of:

Gervon Dexter Sr.

Gervon Dexter played well for Florida but has shorter arms, even though he is 6'6. KJ Henry, who is four inches shorter, has almost two inches longer arms than Dexter. Dexter also did not hit the 10-yard split threshold, similar to Bear defensive linemen on the roster.

PJ Mustipher

P.J. Mustipher likely won't be on the Chicago Bears roster, not because of his brother but because he doesn't meet any of the minimal thresholds we discussed.

Noah Taylor 

Noah Taylor is very close but lacks the weight and desired arm length by the smallest amount. He would meet the criteria if he were 10-15 pounds heavier and had 1/2" longer arms. It isn't by much, but that could be the difference between drafting player A instead of player B.

Nick Hampton

Nick Hampton falls into the same situation as Taylor. Interestingly, the Chicago Bears have shown interest in these players. They are fearless in looking at these guys, but Hampton and Taylor not make the cut.

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Brock Martin

Martin played in the Hulu Bowl but doesn't fit the criteria. He could e a guy that the Chicago Bears look to bring in as a UDFA, but at this point, that likely is about all he could be.