Chicago Bears defensive tackle blasts Packers fans

Chicago Bears, Justin Jones
Chicago Bears, Justin Jones / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

A player who could have easily been cut this offseason is stirring up an old rivalry. The Chicago Bears hosted the first day of their mandatory minicamp today. Justin Jones was one of the players to meet with the media and he had plenty to say about the Packers and even their fans.

Justin Jones was asked how different it is going to be playing against the Packers now that Aaron Rodgers is no longer on the team. Jones had this to say about the situation.

"I wish he played one more year with Green Bay honestly. We went up there and played a pretty good game, but they got away from us at the end obviously and they won. But their fans are really sh*tty. So, yeah, I wanted to go back up there and I wanted to play them and I wanted to beat them. I wanted him to be there so he can see it. But the fact that he's gone now, that's cool. I guess it's better for him not to be here. "

Justin Jones, Chicago Bears DT

I think it is safe to say that Justin Jones won over many Chicago Bears fans today with the comments he made. That was not the end of the interview though. Jones mentioned how it is a good time to be a Bears fan and he's ready for them to take it [NFC North] over.

Justin Jones says what all Chicago Bears think about the Packers

The beat reporter went on to follow up on the original question saying, "This is a follow-up question I never thought I'd ask. In which ways are they sh*tty?" The question obviously sparked laughter within the press conference room, but Justin Jones did not disappoint again.

"I mean, man, just the way that they are obnoxious and always yelling and all that other stuff that doesn't even matter. Like, we aren't even running a play and they are talking like boo and go Green Bay. What are we even talking about? The game hasn't even started yet. Half of them don't even know football. It's so weird to me. But, I just want to go back out there and play. I want to beat the Hell out of them on their field and I want to hear the boos then."

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You can listen to this part of the press conference here.