3 Players who should fall down the depth chart after Chicago Bears vs Titans

Chicago Bears, Velus Jones, Jr.
Chicago Bears, Velus Jones, Jr. / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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Chicago Bears, Velus Jones Jr.
Chicago Bears, Velus Jones, Jr. / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Chicago Bears WR, Velus Jones, Jr.

I would prefer that last year's third-round wide receiver start to put together good performances. Unfortunately, that is not what we saw from Velus Jones, Jr. vs the Titans in Week 1 of preseason. The Chicago Bears might not move Jones down the depth chart at this point, but they should. Jones needed to not make mistakes. Instead, that's exactly what he did.

Jones finished the game with one catch for six yards. It wasn't his performance as a wide receiver that is the problem though. Jones once again had a muffed punt due to a poor decision to try and catch a high-bouncing football. Matt Eberflus defended Jones for playing so far back because the Titans' punter has a booming leg. However, he did not sugarcoat the fact that Jones needs to either get under the ball by making a jump on it sooner or at the very least letting the punt go.

Velus Jones also made a poor decision on another punt and for these two missteps alone, he should be moving down the depth chart. He struggled as a wide receiver and punt return last season. His only upside came on kick returns. That isn't enough to keep a player who cannot contribute in any other way. If Dante Pettis can outperform Jones over the next couple of weeks, I'd be fine with putting Jones on the practice squad or waiving him completely.