3 over/under for Chicago Bears depth wide receivers

What are the stat projections for Equanimeous St. Brown, Tyler Scott, and Velus Jones


Mike Clay of ESPN has projected the stats for every Chicago Bears player down to the end of the roster in the 2023 season. So, how does he see the wide receiver room shaking out? First, he has Dante Pettis getting cut, and beyond D.J. Moore, Darnell Mooney, and Chase Claypool are Equanimeous St. Brown, Velus Jones, and Tyler Scott.

What does Clay project for the bottom three players, and do we see them doing better or worse?

Equamimeous St. Brown Over or Under with Chicago Bears in 2023

11 catches on 18 targets for 142 yards and one touchdown

Equanimeous St. Brown had a career 328 yards in 2018 and then posted 323 yards last season. In between those years, he has 117 yards and 98 yards. This tells us that if he has a shot at playing full-time, he will go over this total, but he is not good enough to hit this if he is going to be a depth wide receiver. We will go under this.

Under 11 catches on 18 targets for 142 yards and one touchdown

Velus Jones Over or Under with Chicago Bears in 2023

6 catches on 9 targets for 70 yards and one touchdown

Velus Jones had 103 rushing yards and 107 receiving yards last year. Mike Clay did put him down for 33 rushing yards, but his total yards in 2023 may equal his receiving last year. Still, we are leaning under. St. Brown may not produce, but it is hard to see Velus Jones getting on the field over him. Beyond that, we have more faith in Tyler Scott than Mike Clay does.

Tyler Scott Over or Under with Chicago Bears in 2023

3 catches on 5 targets for 33 yards

Earlier this offseason, we set expectations for Tyler Scott, and while they were not high, we did surmise that it would be a disappointment if he did not go over 100 yards this year. The depth chart is open enough, and even day three picks who fail to hit 100 yards as a rookie have an awful track record of making it. Most day-three picks flash something in year one.

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Scott was not on the team last year and was drafted multiple rounds after Velus Jones, so it makes sense that Mike Clay will put him far below Jones and St. Brown. However, if there are 245 yards split between these three, as we have it here, the thought would be that Scott is closer to 150, St. Brown is closer to 70, and Jones is closer to 30.

Over 3 catches on 5 targets for 33 yards