4 Bears who deserve blame for embarrassing loss to Lions in Week 11

Well, that was quite the football Sunday.

Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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3. Matt Eberflus

If ever there was a game for the Bears to use as the final excuse to fire Matt Eberflus, this was it. They had everything they wanted in this one. Justin Fields looked good and even rushed for over 100 yards. Their defense held Detroit for most of the afternoon. They won the turnover battle.

Yet, in the end, Chicago still lost. You can blame Eberflus for several different things, but looking at the tail end of the game, that's where he deserves most of the fire.

On the Lions' final drive of the game, Detroit ran very similar plays to get down the field. Defensive end Montez Sweat even took notice:

“It was a bunch of checkdowns. Some draws, some screens. They drove down the field and won the game."

If Sweat was able to see it so clearly, why didn't Eberflus? Why continue to play soft the entire way, watching Jared Goff chip his way down the field? The defense can't take all of the heat for giving up that touchdown drive, but Eberflus is the one calling plays. It was on his watch that Chicago allowed Detroit to do what they wanted with little chip plays here and there.

Ultimately, Eberflus has no excuse for losing this football game. Chicago should have won, plain and simple, and this is just one more tick against him when the season ends and Poles does his final evaluations.