4 Bears who deserve blame for embarrassing loss to Lions in Week 11

Well, that was quite the football Sunday.

Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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4. Jaylon Johnson

Having played elite football for the majority of this season, cornerback Jaylon Johnson looks every bit of a high-paid player. He's going to end this season with a heck of a case to be paid just as he wishes, and hopefully the Bears can offer enough to bring him back.

But, in this game, Johnson missed a couple of huge plays that could have been the difference. There were two, specifically, that looked bad. One didn't end up being a huge deal, but the other was, in fact, a game-changer.

The first was a pass interference call that gave the Lions 34 yards early in the game, but that drive stalled for Detroit after a Jared Goff interception. Thankfully, the big penalty didn't hurt the Bears.

But, the second play that did hurt was when Johnson dropped a would-be pick six. Goff threw a pass to the flats, right in front of the Bears' defending end zone, and Johnson made a perfect break on the ball. The pass went right through his hands. Had he caught it, no one was catching him. Johnson had full momentum and would have taken that sucker back 98 yards to the house, en route to a 14-0 lead for the Bears.

Although the Bears' defense still played well to begin the game, this is a play that could have given them even more of a lift throughout the afternoon. Johnson wants to get paid like a top cornerback, but top cornerbacks make those plays.