5 Chicago Bears who deserve to lose their jobs after loss to Broncos

Justin Fields was mostly brilliant, but the Bears blew a 21-point lead and dropped to 0-4
Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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4. Luke Getsy, Offensive Coordinator

So, Luke Getsy and the offense finally have a good game. That's not anywhere good enough for Getsy to keep his job as the team's offensive coordinator. We have seen far too many ups and downs from him as a play caller and game planner to keep him around any longer.

Clearly, Fields is in need of someone who better understands and utilizes his strengths. Getsy simply isn't it. It has taken until Week 4 for Getsy to finally choose to commit to the run game, giving Khalil Herbert 18 carries and establishing him as the team's lead back.

Four weeks is far too long for a team to choose to commit to the one thing they do best. Getsy's performance through four weeks is completely unacceptable. He should not be an offensive coordinator in this league, and is not the guy Bears fans were promised coming from the Kyle Shanahan tree.

Whether or not the Bears fire him soon might actually matter in the long run, too, because Fields' future depends on how this staff develops him. Fire Getsy and promote someone who is willing to better utilize Fields' strengths, at whatever cost.