5 Chicago Bears who deserve Pro Bowl consideration

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1. Could TJ Edwards make the Pro Bowl as the fifth Chicago Bears player

Earlier in the season, it would have seemed insane to nominate TJ Edwards for the Pro Bowl. However, his last eight or nine games have been electric. The good news is that even when he was struggling, he was making tackles, just further down the field than some fans wanted. Still, that means that he is currently eighth overall in tackles. 

He is behind Foye Oluokun, Zaire Franklin, Alex Singleton, Bobby Wagner, Quincy Williams, Roquan Smith, and Bobby Okereke in tackles. He is going to struggle to beat out some of them in the fan votes, but he also came from the Philadelphia Eagles, where many fans remember him in the Super Bowl. Now, he plays for the Chicago Bears, a big city team with a strong fan base. He can get the votes that at least make him in the running.

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His play is starting to warrant consideration, and three more games could put him further into the mix, especially with more high-volume tackle numbers.