The top 3 most disappointing Chicago Bears from Week 2 vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Chicago Bears have plenty of people to point the 'finger of blame' at after their Week 2 loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Players on both sides of the ball were disappointing for the Chicago Bears, and if this ship wants to turn around, something needs to change.

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No. 1 Chicago Bears disappointment from Week 2: The entire defense

Not only does allowing Baker Mayfield to eclipse 300 yards show incompetence in a defense, but he did so on a team he's been playing with for two weeks.

Baker Mayfield has now finished his second game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and he already has more 300-yard performances than Justin Fields does after 27 starts. That is both an insult stat on Justin Fields' inability to throw for more than 300 yards, but it also exposes Matt Eberflus' defense.

For personal reasons unknown to the public, Alan Williams didn't travel with the team to Tampa Bay, and Matt Eberflus put the defensive headset on for Week 2.

And while Eberflus was known as a defensive mind coming into the head coaching spot in Chicago, it has yet to show. Sure, coach Flus had short notice that he was going to be calling defensive plays, but that doesn't excuse 437 yards to Baker Mayfield and the Buccs.

Now, not only was the Chicago Bears' defense not good in most plays, but it was terrible on third down.

Of the fifteen (!) third-down attempts Tampa Bay had, they converted on eight. Eight! There were eight times when the opposing team had to be stopped, and the Chicago Bears let the drive continue. The Bears could've forced Tampa Bay to punt fifteen times, and they only did seven times.

This is seemingly a trend for the Chicago Bears, and it's a trend that needs to end very soon.

The argument can be made that the Chicago Bears don't have much to work with defensively, and that's not a terrible take— especially with Jaquan Brisker and Eddie Jackson missing time— but the Chicago Bears' defense couldn't stop a nosebleed on Sunday.

There really wasn't a portion of the defense who played exceptionally. The linebackers played okay, the defensive line was lackluster, and the secondary was constantly blowing coverages.

If the Chicago Bears want to continue going down the path they're headed, make sure to replicate this performance. However, if this team wants to be taken seriously at some point this season, the defense needs to make some plays.