Chicago Bears wide receiver, DJ Moore achieves three career milestones vs. Commanders

The Chicago Bears found a superstar in wide receiver, DJ Moore. He reached a few milestones in the win over the Commanders in Week 5.

Chicago Bears, DJ Moore
Chicago Bears, DJ Moore / G Fiume/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears are coming off the high of their first victory in nearly a year. The team needs to build off of that win with another against the Vikings. I honestly think a win over the Vikings is more important for this franchise, especially for Matt Eberflus than the win last Thursday vs. the Commanders. To this point, Matt Eberflus has yet to beat a divisional opponent. That has to change or he can guarantee his exit by the end of the 2023 season — if not sooner. DJ Moore and Justin Fields need to put together another great performance.

The performance by DJ Moore wasn't just great. It was the best performance of his career. To help prove that, Moore earned the first NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors of his career. In that game against the Commanders, DJ Moore finished with 230 receiving yards and three touchdowns. It was also the first game of his career when he scored three touchdowns. Prior to this game, he only had three previous games with multiple touchdowns -- each only with two. Another first for DJ Moore was gaining over 200 yards. He has not reached that number yet in his career.

DJ Moore earns his first NFC Player of the Week honors

Moore is the first wide receiver on the Chicago Bears to earn NFC Player of the Week in the last 24 years. The last wide receiver to earn this award was Marcus Robinson in 1999. Robinson also had a three-touchdown game, but only finished with 170 yards on 11 catches. The Chicago Bears went on to beat the Detroit Lions that week, but the team finished 6-10 on the year. Maybe Muhsin Muhammad was right when he said that Chicago is where wide receivers go to die.


As it stands, he is tied for first in the NFL with five touchdowns. He's averaging 106 yards per game and one touchdown per game. He's on pace for 1,800 yards and 17 touchdowns. Obviously, those numbers will come down, but it's frustrating to think about anyone calling him less than a WR1 in the NFL. Eventually, defenses are going to lockdown on DJ Moore. It's possible that he starts to see some double coverage. Justin Fields is coming off back-to-back great performances, but he's going to need to connect with others like Darnell Mooney, Tyler Scott and even Velus Jones.