Caleb Williams already has the Lions running scared in NFL Draft

We're not saying... but we're just saying...
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

When the Chicago Bears kicked off the 2024 NFL Draft by selecting Caleb Williams no. 1 overall, no one was surprised.

But, some may have been scared.

The Detroit Lions proceeded to spend a first-round pick on Alabama cornerback Terrion Arnold, addressing a pressing need on their roster, currently. While Arnold was a great fit for Detroit and a tremendous value, the Lions knew they weren't done just yet.

In Round 2, Detroit opted to go cornerback once again, selecting Missouri stud Ennis Rakestraw Jr., who was often mocked in the first round along with Arnold.

All in all, Detroit was off to a hot start in this year's draft. We must admit that much. But, it's also notable that Detroit is going to have to play Caleb Williams twice a year.

It's not just Caleb Williams the Lions must be scared of

While it's fun to ride the Williams hype early and often, it's not just him the Lions need to be scared of. The Bears boast a pair of Pro Bowl caliber wide receivers in D.J. Moore and Keenan Allen, the latter of which they acquired earlier this offseason.

The Bears, of course, proceeded to spend their second first-round pick on Washington wide receiver Rome Odunze, granting the wish of fans everywhere.

What a world we're now living in. The Bears could argue to have the NFL's top receiving trio at the moment.

It's quite the world Detroit is living in, too, because it's their defense that'll have to defend those three a couple of times a year, and once more if these two teams were to meet in the postseason.

The Bears are no longer a laughing stock. This offense will not be a running joke. Chicago is not about to 'ruin another quarterback,' as some of the more pessimistic fans might think.

Williams is a different breed, and Ryan Poles has done everything in his power to put his rookie quarterback in a position to succeed. The Bears know it. Heck, the Lions know it.

And that's not only hilarious, but also true.

It's time to get excited, Bears fans. The tide is turning.