5 Chicago Bears with most on the line in 2023 NFL Draft

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
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The NFL draft can be such a joyous occasion for so many, as they finally get to live out their dreams in the NFL. However, for the veterans, this can be a weekend where your job is on the line. Players from the Chicago Bears will tune in and some will see the team draft a player at their position.

Who are five Chicago Bears that may feel good about their standing right now, but undoubtedly will be interested to see how the team addresses their position in the 2023 NFL draft?

5. Will Larry Borom lose his starting job for the Chicago Bears?

We have barely talked about it, but right now Larry Borom is the starting right tackle for the Chicago Bears. It is all but assumed that he will be replaced at this point, but if the draft does not break their way, they are starting Borom.

If the Chicago Bears do not go with a tackle at nine, the possibilities really start to open up. Sure, they have multiple picks in the top 75 and could find some help there, but if you are a tackle and did not go in the first round, there is a good reason, and it is not a lock that the rookie will start.

So, needless to say, Borom will be watching intently during the first round. Do they draft someone who is an obvious replacement, or do they draft someone who is the competition? That is the real question. Also, do they draft a left tackle, meaning that his competition is actually Braxton Jones?

It will be a great day for whoever is drafted, but Larry Borom could be in for a stressful weekend.