5 Chicago Bears with most on the line in 2023 NFL Draft

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Chicago Bears, Travis Homer
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4. Did Chicago Bears sign Travis Homer to replace him

When the Chicago Bears signed Travis Homer it did not move the needle for fans. It is fair to say that of the three backs in the three-man committee, Homer is the most likely to lose his job come draft weekend.

All three backs have their specific roles, so if the Chicago Bears do draft a running back, the style of that runner will matter. If they draft someone who is not involved in the passing game, then you can assume that Homer will keep his job. While Homer is not known, that is because he spends 81% of his snaps on passing downs, and more often than not he is blocking, not running a route.

So, if the Bears do draft someone, they need to make sure that he can compete with Homer as a pass protector, but then bring more with the ball in their hands. Considering they probably will not try to make an addition like this until day three, it is fair to think that Homer could walk away from the weekend unscathed.

The Chicago Bears have bigger issues than replacing their pass-blocking back, or any of their running backs for that matter. Travis Homer is a player that could easily see things break his way. He also could see the team add a pass catcher in round four, and realize that he probably will be on the border of the roster come training camp.