5 Chicago Bears with most on the line in 2023 NFL Draft

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Chicago Bears, Kindle Vildor
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2. Could Chicago Bears replace Kindle Vildor in 2023 NFL draft?

Most people assume the Chicago Bears will pass on a cornerback in the 2023 NFL draft. That is because they plan to extend Jaylon Johnson and they just drafted Kyler Gordon. However, in three cornerback sets, that does leave Kindle Vildor.

To be fair to Vildor, he has his ups to go with the downs and is not a complete liability. Between Gipson and Vildor, Gipson became the bigger liability. Still, like Gipson, this is a day-three pick from Ryan Pace, and he is only here because Poles knows the salary is too cheap and the depth is too valuable.

Does he see starter upside with Kindle Vildor, or is he just waiting to move on? The team also has UDFAs Jaylon Jones and Josh Blackwell in the mix. They flashed in spurts, and the reality is that while they are just depth, it does open up the chance to completely move on from Vildor if they add the right cornerback.

If they take a cornerback at nine, Vildor is gone. If they wait until day two, it will be a debate, and if they go on day three, then it is Jones and Blackwell competing to keep their jobs. Of course, the Chicago Bears could pass on cornerback, and we could assume those five players are locks. We will find out on draft weekend.